「 Suite Life ♪ 」- 1st Sheet

Hello everyone, and welcome ♪

How was your day? Mine was very good!

I am currently trying to enjoyenjoying the yogurt which I bought today with my mom. I will post it into the 「 Erdbeerschnitte ✿ 」section once I’m done reviewing the things I did.

So I was finished with school and my mom came to the city and we went together on a shopping spree. We bought her a lot of shirts (since she hasn’t been buying much clothes for her lately and I thought that it was now a good time to do it.) Then, we went to Bijou Brigitte an accessory shop and I found this one certain ring, and then I decided to look for a fitting necklace with earrings and… Well, here it is:

Reminds me of someone’s character I’m role-playing with… It was probably one of the reasons why it caught my eye, I guess.

It’s not like I am an OC fanatic or something…!! I just… really like male OCs, okay?

Tomorrow I’m going to wear them! YEEESH! But for P.E., I’ll have to take them down sadly, but no worries, tomorrow I can put them on and then take them down again because we’ll have cooking… but on Friday I can put them back on again! Yeiy! :D

Well, I’ll see you guys later!


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