「 Afterschool 」 – 4th Classroom

Hello everyone ( ̄へ ̄)

Today was… funny at the beginning in school but it turned out to be boring and rather tiring – may I also add frustrating? After school, my cousin came and picked me up from school. We immediately went to the tea shop and the Chinese man said that it wasn’t true. After that, he called the girl who was in another small shop but way in the city and he went all rage-out on her.

We lately passed by the shop and my cousin suggested to apologize to her for making her being scolded because of us. She said that it was okay; maybe she understood it the wrong way. Well… he did over-react. (He is Chinese after all)

Then, we went back home to my aunt’s place and made a small break while looking for the address we had to go. Turned out, Google had the old address thus making us be late by half an hour. She even made us wait for another 20 minutes! She was so not friendly with us – I hate her.

I told her that I wanted to be a masseuse and she said that it wouldn’t bring me anything, and that she thinks that me becoming  photographer is much better – whatever. Thing is:

If she wants to help me get a “Lehrstelle” (as in becoming a trainee somewhere) then why does she not listen to what the f*ck I am saying and sits the hell down? She should do what I f*cking want and not bash my dreamjob and wishes. Bitch.

But I was like: Whatever.

I am not even sure that I need her help… My aunt said that in the beginning I have to go to her – and then the friend, who suggested her(my aunt) to send me there, will take me in and help me. So… I am really looking forward where this is going, because I already hate the sh*t going on in my life right now.

Tomorrow I’ll be having a recovery day and then on Saturday it will start again. I’ll go to bellaflora and make the stupid test, then go shopping with my cousin – because I have to. Well, I’ll see you guys later! (  ̄ V  ̄)

PS.: I forgot to buy toast bread and milk… It’s not like I had any time anyways!


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