「 Afterschool 」 – 3rd Classroom

Hello everyone♥

Today was quite tiring, if I may say so myself. Some crazy things have been happening lately in my class and today during P.E., I almost got caught up with it and got beaten up. Thankfully, I stayed quiet and let the others yell like crazy at my classmate, who seemed to have done something.

Let me begin from the start…

So we are having P.E., just the usual, chatting and doing nothing – when suddenly we hear yelling behind us. Me and my classmate hurried up to them – two against one. I was trying to ask what was going on, or just try to calm them down, but they went at me like there was no tomorrow and wanted to beat me up. Thankfully, I am the neutral type so I did as they said.

(They told me to shut the hell up and sit the fuck down.)

I didn’t quite understand the issue, but it was something between two classmates who used to be best friends and suddenly the other one got a boyfriend and she just happened to disappear from them, as in not spending any time with them, nor talk nor pay attention whatsoever.

The other girl mentally broke down and almost collapsed, where the other one was shaking like she had a cold. It turned out that she was also deeply touched the events and she just couldn’t understand how friendship could be thrown away so quickly – and over the boy, that is.

She told me that for her, friendship is always on the first place no matter what. I asked her if she was alright, and she actually wasn’t (obviously), so I hugged her and otld her that it was going to be alright. It was so strange…

Probably because we didn’t know eh other well. We only talked a few times and saw each other but that’s it. It was probably also weird because something hurt her deeply, which had nothing to do with her. (As far as I could tell, she knew what was going on, so she still had something to do with it?)


Glad that I didn’t wrote earlier into my Blog, or you guys could have missed the most colorful (and dramatic) part of today in my life.

I am so tired… Not only this, but tomorrow I will have to go to a meeting to a company at 15:00. They will help me go look for a job and after that, I have to go with my cousin to a tea shop and see if they are willing to take in trainees(Lehrlinge). And on Saturday from 10:00 until 16:00 I have time to pay a visit to bellaflora, a flower company who is looking for trainees as well. They will make us do a test and see how good we are. I heard they are only taking the best ones, so I have to do a bit of a research tomorrow…

This week is going to diss me so hard…!

Not to mention the homeworks…I’m so going to


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