「 Afterschool 」 – 2nd Classroom

Hello everyone♥

So, I mentioned in the 1st Classroom today we went to the nurse home. A lot of old people were there – just as predicted. There were different of people. Kind, tsundere(lol anime definition), cheerful, talkative, non-talkative… I personally do well with people who are more talkative though. I don’t know, maybe it is because I am scared of that so-called “awkward moment when nothing is left to talk about”?

Anyways, I enjoyed the time we’ve spent there – there was also an old lady who said that already met me somewhere, which is obviously not true, but I may have looked like someone else. I don’t mean to sound rude – I really loved the time we spent there, just as mentioned, it is only strange, because I miss my grandparents…

I am already thinking about paying a visit from time to time, but I am not sure… I could bake something for them – for the 130 people that live there… Who knows? We’ll see where my interest in different jobs will take me.

Until then, I’ll see you guys later!


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